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Model: BBOP5511
The mascot costume includes head,body,hands and feet,the head of the costume are made from foam.the material is light,and the performer can breathe easily from the hole of the eyes,mouth,or the neck area,you can walk free by yourself and talk with other people. The mascot costumes are widly ..
Model: NWBR006
Glad to be Me: Riff has many special qualities but sometimes his shyness makes it hard for him to meet new friends. When Barney Introduces Riff to some of his friends in teh park, its Baby Bop that ends up feeling less than special as the kids seem more impressed  with Riff and his Special Tale..
Model: NWBR007
Barney and Baby Bop have a new dino friend, Riff, who knows how to find music everywhere.When a little girl named Melody dreams of playing her violin in a talent show, Barney and his friends help her to realize her dream. ORIGINAL DVD NOT COPY ..
Model: BTE003
Age: 1-10yrs Product Description: When the Enjoy-Your-Toys Company delivers a bunch of boxes, Barney's friends are excited. Expecting new toys, they're surprised to find empty boxes. With a little encouragement from Barney and a lot of imagination, Scott turns a shoebox into a turtle, and Kami..
Model: BTE001
Age: 1-10yrs Product Description: Hannah's got her suitcase packed and is on her way to her Aunt Paula's house for a sleep-over party when Barney seizes the opportunity to play pretend and teach the children about staying clean. From "icky, squishy, gooey finger-painting fun" to singing sleepy..
Model: DCT0003
  Age: 1-10yrs Product description:   Huggable, loveable Barney and his playground friends discover the joys of friendship and family through imagination, song and dance. So come along with everyone’s favorite T-Rex in this heartwarming collection featuring all..
Model: BNC002
Age: 5-6yrs Brand: Oulabi This disguise is super dee duper sure to be a bit hit for birthday parties or costume bashes, 100% Polyester Hand Wash The barney kids costume includes a soft purple jumpsuit, character headpiece and coordinating foot covers ..
Model: NWBR003
The Treasure of Rainbow Beard: Ahoy mates, there's treasure to be found! Join Barney and his friends as they set out on a quest to find Rainbow Beard's map of shapes and colours. This magical map helps lead the children to a wonderful hidden treasure which, they discover, is something they can sh..
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