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 Avengers Toddler Kindergarten 3d Backpacks- assorted designs- 13inches  Avengers Toddler Kindergarten 3d Backpacks- assorted designs- 13inches
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Model: MNGR5412
Cute Avengers Toddler Kindergarten 3d Backpacks- assorted designs- 13inches Great for school beginners (1-4yrs) ..
N7,500 N5,500
Model: LLPF4411
Leap Frog Healthy Foods Wipe-Off Mats  Photo shows front and back of each mat,  Games include: Color the Fruit, Circle the Meat Group Foods, Sort the Milk & Grain Products and Color the Food Pyramid Keep the kids busy while food is prepared, perfect with regular crayons Heav..
Model: YST094
Whether you're playing volleyball on the beach or slaving over the stove in a hot kitchen, Yongli Chill makes it easy to stay hydrated throughout the day. Not only will your drink stay icy cold but you'll also have a free hand because of its simple one handed operation.Triple layer insulation.500ml...
12inch ABS Backpack- assorted characters 12inch ABS Backpack- assorted characters
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Model: RS2204
Age:  1-4yrs Product description: ABS Hardshell Backpack     These Super Cute backpacks have a spectacular look and may even make your little one actually 'want' to go to school! Designed especially for young kids.  The bubble-like hard shell shape is adorabl..
N6,000 N4,500
Model: BRYY590
Age: 0-5yrs Perfectly sized for toddlers in Nursery or Kindergarten Class Roomy enough to carry all their school supplies including clothes, diapers, food etc Great for travel too Wheel light up when rolling Adjustable Telescopic handle can be dragged by toddlers ..
Model: GCRLT902
Assorted designs available. Perfect fot school and travels. ..
Model: Abs343
18inches Rolling 4 wheel ABS Luggage- assorted design..
Model: TSB354
You will also get a backpack with your rolling suitcase as part of this luggage set.It has a large capacity design, practical layout, and can accommodate your little ones important items.The hard-outer shell makes this backpack extra durable.Available in assorted designs...
Model: STCH4401
37pcs Stationery set includes:  1 pencil case 1 stapler 1 Staper pin pack 12 crayons 12 colour pencils 1 eraser 1 sharpener 1 paper glue 4 pencils 4 pens 1 ruler 1 cellotape 3 designs- Pooh, Cars, Mickey ..
Model: NBTL0091
Age: all ages These water bottle will delight any child. Includes straw for drinking. With cute 3d topper head ..
Model: WPP1006
3pack cartoon wooden pencils with cartoon eraser toppers. Spiderman, Dora and Princess available ..
Model: PLT65110
Dress your  girl up with this quality Cotton Rich Tights that gives supreme comfort and elegance to your baby,  Cotton Rich Tights for girls 2-10yrs Material designed to give comfort White or black  ..
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