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Model: LLPF4411
Leap Frog Healthy Foods Wipe-Off Mats  Photo shows front and back of each mat,  Games include: Color the Fruit, Circle the Meat Group Foods, Sort the Milk & Grain Products and Color the Food Pyramid Keep the kids busy while food is prepared, perfect with regular crayons Heav..
Model: ZDVD3310
Lucy lives at 64 Zoo Lane which is right next to a zoo. Every night, the zoo animals gather outside Lucy s window to tell her a story. The stories are about social issues such as friendship and helping and caring for others. Usually Lucy is asleep by the end of each story. This series is filled with..
Model: FAB001
Have fun with your favourite character! This fun book of activities, games and lovely stickers is sure to delight any child! Great party gift assorted characters Minimum of 12pcs ..
Model: PGF00099
Age: 4-6yrs Product description: Have fun with your favourite character! This fun book if activities, games and lovely stickers is sure to delight any child! Great party gift assorted characters ..
Model: PG108
Age:  3-6yrs Brand: Alka Books Product description: After School Activity pad Includes pages of colouring, dot to dot, quizzes, mazes and lots more to keep the kids occupied at home! Great party Gift for kids. ..
Model: PG114
Age:  2-5yrs Brand:  Alka Books Product description: Alka Easy Colouring book. For little restless artistic hands. Copy To Colour. Great party gift ..
Model: BTB008
Brand: Alka Books Product description: Comes in a series of twelve books-ABC, ALPHABETS, NURSERY RHYMES, FRUITS, VEGETABLES, BIRDS, WILD ANIMALS, DOMESTIC ANIMALS, VEHICLES, SHAPES & COLOURS, OPPOSITES. Size- 9cm x9cm Full colour Mini Board books for little hands. Can b..
Model: EDUC5501
Alphabet Pocket Flash Cards  These alphabet flash cards are designed for a fun and effective approach to teaching preschoolers the english alphabet. They help the children boost their letter and sound recognition in a practical and efficient manner. They can be easily used at home,..
Model: DV00889
Age: 12mths-6yrs Product description:   Delightful DVDs that teach as they entertain!   Whether your child is ready for basic math concepts, an introduction to Mozart, or just enjoys watching baby animals, our dvd collection has something to amuse and fascinate.  ..
Model: DD0035
Age: 3 months -3 years Brand: Baby Miracle Discovering their world, one Bible story atia time. Jonah and the Whale, Book of Jonah 1:17-2:1 Jonah and the Whale introduces infants and toddlers to the captivating world of sea life through feature segments on fish, whales, t..
Model: NDDV552
"Kristyn (Barbie) and her friend Hailey are two ballet students at a special dance school. Their ballet instructor is always telling Kristyn to keep to the routine and to stop changing the dance. But, Kristyn loves to make the dance her own. One day, Kristyn's dance shoe rips, so she and Hailey go d..
Model: CHB999001
Age: 5-10yrs Brand: EURO BOOKS Product description: Eight delightful Barbie storybook Titles in large print and colourful illustrations. Barbie as Island Princess Barbie Loves ballet Mariposa Super Spy The Nutcracker Barbie loves Springtime Barbie loves her si..
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