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Model: FEDG6109
Baby Cartoon Stainless Feeding Bowl & Spoon Set- Hello Kitty, Doraemon, Spongebob Comes with lid. Great for feeding baby on the go.  Hygienic and durable stainless steel & plastic, Keeps food warm longer  3 different colours and designs ..
Model: BBKG0012
The Babyking  Feeding set is specially designed for your tot's first meals. the Set includes  a sturdy break-resistant bowl, an easy-grip spoon, and a sturdy spill-proof Training cup with snap on lid.   BPA free Blue or Pink ..
Model: BBKG0015
These easy grip Baby Cutlery Sets are manufactured from a durable plastic  BPA Free ..
Model: BBKG0013
Great to store your baby food in the fridge. Comes with a baby spoon for feeding on the go! package includes 3 pieces storage Containers Blue or Pink colours BPA Free ..
Model: BMBO0901
Bamboo Fiber Animal Tableware 5-Piece Baby Feeding Set - assorted designs Set Consists of: dinner plates, bowls, cups, spoons, forks Material: Natural Bamboo Fiber and Bran Heat-resistant, High strength, Waterproof, Nonflammable, Non-toxic Available in assorted animal designs ..
Model: BRO002
Brother Max  Heat Sensitive Travel Spoons x 2 Heat sensitive spoons that change color when food is too hot Great for home, travel and on-the-go BPA free 4months + ..
Model: INCS3011
perfect for feeding on the go, school lunch box etc. These cute cutlery sets are just perfect for children. each set includes a spoon and a fork inside a plastic cutlery case three designs available- Kitty, Doraemon, Spongebob SOLD IN MINIMUM OF 18 PCS mixed designs ..
Model: CCTN6651
Protect their cutlery with this cute designed cutlery case.  Available in 3 colours and designs Handy and convenient to carry in their lunch box ..
Model: TRY5521
2-5yrs Cute sectioned meal tray with cartoon characters- Mickey, Cars or Lilo Nice gift for kids ..
Model: TRY552
All ages Cute tea tray with cartoon characters- Mickey or Lilo Nice gift for kids ..
Model: FRRT454
Age: All ages Lightweight plastic spoons and forks in packs of 6pcs each (either spoons or forks) available in assorted characters. Nice for party desserts in themed parties, gifts for kids or just set your party tables out beautifully! ..
Model: EMBS344
Character Kids Plastic Spoons assorted Kids will love this cute plastic spoons with embossed 3d character designs Sold in sets of 2pcs ..
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