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Model: WIN0001
Age: Birth+ Brand: Winfun Product description: Baby racer playmat is a soft playmat for tummy time or sit up fun. Pillow with toys encourages baby to raise and strengthen neck muscles. Toys and bright colors encourage exploration. Baby racer playmat is a soft playmat for tummy time or..
Winfun Letter Train And Piano Activity Table- 9mths+ Winfun Letter Train And Piano Activity Table- 9mths+
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Model: BTT2227
WinFun Letter Train & Piano Activity Table Letter train and piano activity table has detachable legs so floor play is an option. The alphabet table has simple learning and play activities to keep baby occupied and learning. The push train circles the alpabet letters. Push train engine on a..
Winfun Mini Book
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Model: FFDW5611
Useful to Improve Number and Sound Recognition Skills Nowadays toys are not just meant for entertaining kids but they also can be used as early learning aids. The Winfun mini book is an advanced toy from Winfun, a renowned brand in kids toys. This talking mini book toy consists of 10 number butto..
N5,500 N4,500
Model: FFNW300
Let your baby have a gala time playing with this exciting ‘Musical Fun Activity’ ball from Winfun. Its interesting sounds and flashing lights will catch the fancy of your little one, while aiding him/her in developing hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Encourages crawling motor skill..
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Model: WFFF3011
Fun and bright activity mat with hanging toys and reflective mirror, has fabric buttons that when pressed, make lights flash and plays animal sounds. Folds easily to store or transport. Age range 0 months and up Colorful activity mat with lots of underwater friends 5 repositionable hanging toys ..
N9,000 N7,500
Model: BTT2222
Age: 12mth-36mths Brand: Winfun Product description: om the Manufacturer Grow with me walker ride on learning train offers 3 levels of play. First on the floor with interactive learning activities on the engine. Second as the child grows, he/she walks around with this walker th..
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