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Model: MNOO0822
Soft Plush Backpack with Minions Plush doll perfect for younger kids ..
Model: BNY6023
Age: 1-10yrs Product Description: Get ready for a great big hug and a song you know and love. Just press Barneys heart to hear him sing his favorite song: "I Love You." Snuggle up close with thislarge  lovable, huggable and musical Barney that is guaranteed to always make you smile ...
Model: GUND0011
Brushin' Buddy is one of the latest innovative and entertaining products from GUND, makers of high quality premium soft toys. This beautiful little bear says numerous phrases during his two minute song. This is perfect for younger children, keeping their attention for the dentist recommended t..
Brand: Disney Model: DMNP0019
Your Little Minnie fan will enjoy cuddling this lovely Minnie Plush Doll. Made of soft plush material.14 inches tall. Embroidered eyes. ..
Brand: Disney Model: FRXA5611
Set-off on a playtime journey with our super-soft Anna Plush Doll in her charming folk-styled plush cape, satin dress and faux fur hat that will inspire visions of fun and adventure. Soft plush construction Embroidered features Plush cape with decorative printed trim and soft metallic clas..
Brand: Disney Model: FRXA5612
Embark on an epic playtime quest with our super-soft Elsa Plush Doll in her sparkling snowflake cape, glittering dress and satin shoes that will inspire wintry dreams of adventure. Soft plush construction Embroidered features Sheer cape with decorative snowflake trim and glitter accents ..
Brand: Disney Model: DMNP0020
Your Little Minnie fan will enjoy cuddling this lovely Minnie Plush Doll. Made of soft plush material.14 inches tall. Embroidered eyes. Red ..
Model: DEPD0001
15inches Super-soft and cuddly plush Over-sized dora plush is ideal for cuddles or even room decor Hugs get even bigger with this dora the explorer Plush doll,  This super soft and cud..
Model: EPP0173
Elephant Stuffed Plush Cushion/Pillow is great for babies, children and even adults... Super cozy, warm and soft. Babies can sleep on this, kids can hug their favourite friend Mr Elephant and not feel lonely, adults can use this as a pillow or chair prop... Whatever ur need, this jumbo Elephant..
Model: ETD
Emoji Teddy Bears Mwuah! I love you" Is what you will hear when you press these teddy N3000 ..
Model: MIN7811
The hottest Minions Dave plush toy with 3d eyes has arrived! Made of high quality soft plush, the cute doll will give you great handing feeling. Perfect gift for children and minions movie fans. Large 15inches fat plush toy ..
Model: BNY702
Age: 0-7yrs Brand: Barney Product Description: Barney's Colorful world! Barney Plush Doll with I Love you Song Plush about 14in tall Embroidered detail on his chest and feet Small music box comes in Velcro pocket (replace-able battery, No hard secure battery case) Soft..
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