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Teaching Aids/Charts

Model: DCRR412
Display the alphabet in style using these 'Teacher Building Blocks' borders. They look great on your bulletin board, chalk or white board, or anywhere a creative teacher can think of! Can also be used in your child's room to expose them to early learning of the alphabets Colourful, Ed..
Model: TCHN6714
Laminated bright, colourful Classroom Code of Conduct Chart for schools, creche etc ..
Model: TCHN6712
Laminated bright, colourful days of the week Chart for schools, creche etc ..
Model: BBDD090
Whether you decorate with them or pass them out as helpful classroom aids, these Border Strips will help your students learn and smile at the same time! 12 border strips per pack 18" x 3" 18feet total   ..
Model: TCHN6717
Laminated bright, colourful How do you feel Chart for kids, schools, creche etc ..
Model: TCHN6716
Laminated bright, colourful multiplication Chart for kids, schools, creche etc ..
Model: TCHN6710
Laminated bright, colourful numbers 1-10 Chart for schools, creche etc ..
Model: ANF3002
Numbers and Alphabets Flashcards are wonderful tools for teaching numbers and Alphabets recognition to our young ones. Nice gift for preschoolers and toddlers    ..
Model: TCHN6718
Laminated bright, colourful Happy birthday Chart for schools, creche etc ..
Model: TCHN6715
Laminated bright, colourful Shapes Chart for kids, schools, creche etc ..
Model: ASM6617
Sum Time introduces the very young to simple counting activities, and advances to simple multiplication!  Counting, addition, subtraction and multiplication are made fun with Sum Time! Self-correcting tiles and cards make learning easy.  Sum Time comes in its own reusable, plastic carryi..
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