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Model: LLPF4411
Leap Frog Healthy Foods Wipe-Off Mats  Photo shows front and back of each mat,  Games include: Color the Fruit, Circle the Meat Group Foods, Sort the Milk & Grain Products and Color the Food Pyramid Keep the kids busy while food is prepared, perfect with regular crayons Heav..
Model: FVBA767
The parting of the Red Sea, David ad Goliath, Jesus and the Samaritan woman, Lazarus being raised from the dead--these stories and many others form a solid foundation for children learning about the Bible for the first time. As children learn about their faith and hear these exciting stories, the Bi..
Model: CCPP001
Age: 2-6yrs Product Description: 12 colour pens and colouring book set in assorted kids favourite characters nice gift for parties. ..
Model: TRST5511
This wonderful collection features 365 classic fairytales, fun rhymes, and engaging stories for children. Early learners will love to practice reading with these simple tales, ideal for family reading. A story or Rhyme to share for every day of the year! Snuggle up together for a whole year of..
Model: ZDVD3310
Lucy lives at 64 Zoo Lane which is right next to a zoo. Every night, the zoo animals gather outside Lucy s window to tell her a story. The stories are about social issues such as friendship and helping and caring for others. Usually Lucy is asleep by the end of each story. This series is filled with..
Model: MKBL0923
A compilation of traditional prayers and graces for young children throughout the day, meal times and bedtime. Enchantingly Illustratedwith Childhood Scenes. ..
Model: TSXD3320
Stories and rhymes for boys of all ages to read and share for every day of the year. Snuggle up together for a whole year of adventure stories and classic rhymes, from Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes to Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Billy Goats Gruff. 20 x 16.2 x 3.6 cm,  382pages..
Model: CFTH4511
Full of 365 Comforting Stories, Funny stories, Action Rhymes and Favourite tales. Children will love getting ready for bedtime! The mix of bright illustrations and fun words are reassuring and make going to bed a cozy shared experience. ..
Model: PG300385
Age: 2-5yrs Product description: Toddlers can learn to write with their favourite characters! Learning is more fun!, Nice party gift for kids. ..
Model: FAB001
Have fun with your favourite character! This fun book of activities, games and lovely stickers is sure to delight any child! Great party gift assorted characters Minimum of 12pcs ..
Model: PG108
Age:  3-6yrs Brand: Alka Books Product description: After School Activity pad Includes pages of colouring, dot to dot, quizzes, mazes and lots more to keep the kids occupied at home! Great party Gift for kids. ..
Model: PG114
Age:  2-5yrs Brand:  Alka Books Product description: Alka Easy Colouring book. For little restless artistic hands. Copy To Colour. Great party gift ..
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